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  Thank you for your interest in the Hansen Family Foundation.  Unfortunately, due to the current global and economic climate, the foundation will not be accepting grant requests for its Spring Board Meeting this year.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope that you all will consider submitting your request when our grant portal tentatively opens in the fall.









Next Board Meeting

October 2023

About Us

Our Guiding Philosophy

The Foundation believes that it can provide the highest value to the grant recipients where gifts provide a start or a “seed” that can provide a benefit over time. Accordingly, the Foundation will generally give preference to those organizations, individuals, and/or initiatives that will stand the test of time, will inspire others to get involved, and will be a manifestation of our mission.

How To Apply

The Application Process

Do You Qualify?

Only 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations may apply for our funding.

Apply Online

It’s easy to apply online.  Once the application period has opened, click the link below and you will receive an email confirmation of your submission.  Currently our application period for the Fall 2022 is open.

We'll Review

We carefully review each application to be sure that they’re a great fit.

Best Wishes To Our Past Recipients

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The portal for Fall 2022 applications is currently closed.  Thank you for your patience.